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Author Topic: A Letter to the Grandmother of Sean Goldman - by Cristiane Castro  (Read 3868 times)

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I found this today via Twitter:
@ONGAPASEAnaldin Carta ŗ avů de Sean Goldman, Prezada Sra. Avů de Sean Goldman - Cristiane Castro http://fb.me/1M33RBVW8

Letter to the grandmother of Sean Goldman,
By Cristiane Castro
Dear Ms. Grandmother of Sean Goldman,
Again I turn to you, to mourn and ask. Sorry about longing and absence that consumes his heart since his grandson Sean left the country and went to live with his father. I imagine the pain for not being able to visit the boy sweet and loving owner of the same kind eyes that his daughter had died. But the truth is one - two years ago this visit does not occur for the sole and exclusive fault of their own. It was his irascible and selfish behavior that caused all that torment, to himself, his daughter, his grandson, the father of his grandson, his son-now, his granddaughter, his relatives, all who have at heart. No one was spared - and now life collecting the account of such parental alienation, with interest and correction that only knows how to destination.
Someone has to tell, because nobody can get to your heart. Forgive me for the harsh words, but the truth is that God got tired of sending you messages, to ask that you rethink your personality dominating - and went on to act in that way that only he can do. His daughter away from you, so tragic would never do you wrong ideas can you penetrate, be the owner of issues that did not fit (such as marital happiness, the relationship between her grandson and his father). He tore his grandson's home, because there was no way that his grandson could meet his father, without interference.
You do not understand, and do not understand why no one dared say the world does not revolve around his person. You only talk about themselves, their suffering, their pain, as if his father was something disposable, repositionable. But let me rememorizar the facts of this story wrong. You did not err in accepting her daughter, but we both know well how the lady must have celebrated the end of the marriage, only to have it returned to their areas. And only forgave her serious error by moving away from its domination when she redid a new life with her husband and controllable (and see that curious, the lawyer who guided her to circumvent the rules still married!) There is evil in their attitudes. The lady is not bad - it's just a mother who lost her daughter. Is your mother's love that makes him act like that. Is beyond their strength, their rational.
You claim to love Brazilian nationalism, talking about the habits of our culture, claiming to be patriotic, but there is nothing in Brazilian behavior. The lady is Italian to the last hair. The "mammas" put motherhood above all else - even their children. People like you love to put as eternal victims, all in the name of love. They put themselves in situations where their presence is not desired - and how they are working, excellent caretakers, respect people, they get everyone's opinion.
I understand the anger that you feel the father of her grandson. He did not accept the crumbs that were offered to him. Dared to disagree with the lady, met her in court, gave more heed to people wiser than their misdeeds. Like him, others gained his eternal scorn - personal friends, even. I am sympathetic to your tears, but I know who gave them cause. Do not try to be smarter than judges, lawyers, psychologists, family members, journalists, ministers of the STF. Many people tried to warn her, but were removed by the lady - even our Heavenly Father, in vain tries to warn her of the mistakes. You do not learn the lesson. And he insists. And misses.
I'll say what no one had the guts to do. Everything that happened in the life of his daughter came from the relationship she had with you. She was an excellent mother loved children - but the creature she loved most in life was the lady. She built, deconstructed and rebuilt their lives in search of its adoption. He went to Italy to his daughter immigrated alone - and I can prove to the lady that she chose that country to, somehow, to be closer to the lady. She went to the USA without references, without you around, and of course that you could not fail to give support when she decided to return. I understand that these attitudes are too familiar to me. I went to my mother Bruna, in many ways. I know this story from A to Z. There are people experienced in the matter - I, for study and personal experience, I am one of them. And I'll tell you.
In the name of God, stop wanting to be right. Stop wanting to be right. Stop wanting to be what the lady is not. You're not the mother of his grandchildren - it is his grandmother. Stop wanting to occupy a space that does not belong. Force yourself to do the unthinkable: make peace with life. Accept the terms of the visitation agreement. Obey the law. Embrace your grandson as a grandmother, not as a mother - because this gap is not filled by anyone, not even by you. Never speak ill of the boy's father to the boy himself. Losing a child to death is a pain that cannot be replaced, but Bruna did not ever return, even though the lady fight with the world. His grandchildren are half of it, but people are autonomous, independent, who have their own lives - and must continue, as well as you should do it. You lived the most terrible pain throughout their existence, but the most horrible thing a human can do is breathe while away a father or mother of a son. There is another one of those creatures. Accept that it is unacceptable. Lose control. And so win, for her life today is full of losses.
I wish the lady a happy life with the love of their grandchildren. Enjoy the rest of your life, so that one day the lady can get her daughter to embrace the eternal space, in the certainty of having done what was right - not what it was more enjoyable, the eternity which is reserved for only the good, but the righteous.
Cordially, who writes him is not an evil person. She is the daughter of my mother, so like in love, smiles and attitudes with its Bruna. And so, there is as you hate me.

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Re: A Letter to the Grandmother of Sean Goldman - by Cristiane Castro
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Let's see if she will take Cristiane Castro advise.  I think not.
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