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Author Topic: Grandmother of Sean wins right to fight in court to visit her grandson  (Read 2106 times)

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Link: http://www.comunidadenews.com/brasil/avo-do-menino-sean-ganha-direito-de-lutar-na-justica-para-visitar-o-neto-8386

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[/size]Grandmother of Sean wins right to fight in court to visit her grandson[/b][/color]
[/size]07/25/2012 08:37:40 AM[/color]

Silvana had lost in the first instance.

[/size]A three-judge panel granted the grandmother of Sean Goldman, Silvana Bianchi Ribeiro, the right to litigate in order to visit her grandson.
The decision, made public early this month, says Silvana should have the chance to prove that his relationship with his grandson is broken, would be detrimental to it. But the court can not act on his request to visit her grandson, who lives with his father in the city of Tinton Falls, NJ.

The measure overturns the decision of a lower court in which the grandmother of Sean should also be paid to the father of Sean, David Goldman, the amount of $ 89,000 cost of lawyers. The judges said the lower court judge should have considered whether the regular visit Grandma would be of interest for Sean. The panel also asked the grandmother of Sean and his father entered into an agreement out of court.
Sean, who was born in the United States, was taken to Brazil four years to the mother Bruna Bianchi. Only after being in Brazil, she said she wanted to separate from David.Bruna remarried but died during the birth of her second child.
David was years trying to bring Sean back to the U.S. until he got in December 2009. He was prevented from visiting his son unless he accepted various demands of the maternal family of Sean. One required him to terminate a process in Brazil calling for the return of the child.
David's attorney, Patricia Apy, said he learned of the decision of the court but did not have a chance to talk with David if they will appeal the decision.

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So now David has to spend MORE money in legal fees even after the first court told her precisely what she needs to do.  Unbelievable.  At least they didn't give her everything she wanted right off the bat.  Too bad the Brazilian courts were not as kind to David between 2004 and 2009.