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I last saw Noan at the end of April on Skype and then 3.5 months later my ex suddenly allowed him to be seen on Skype two days running... then disappeared again. (This was after she refused to send me pictures of him, and the US Embassy didn't bother to take any on a WW visit,  to include in a video montage gift from the grandchildren for my parents 50th wedding anniversary)

This is some snippets of video that I made while he was online. It is harder and harder for me to hold his attention as my portuguese is not good enough for me to be able to talk and for him to understand, and I can't understand him at all.

All that is left is that when I can see that I still made him smile, I still cling to that shred of hope that he knows who I am and how much I love him.

If anyone has any idea on the mindset of an abductor and what she is trying to achieve at this point I would be happy to know.


I don't believe that parents who work very hard to alienate children are acting very benevolently when they allow token visitations.

I think the intentions behind such things are:

- To give the impression that there's not an active campaign of parental alienation going on

- Out of cruelty and for the pleasure of seeing an uncomfortable visit between the child and the parent they alienated the child from.  A test of sorts to get a feel for how well the alienation is working and/or gloat over how successful it is

- hope that the LBP seeing the child, and not seeing them excited, or seeing them act indifferent, or hostile would dishearten the LBP, weaken their resolve and lead to them giving up

The proof that such is the case is how often they allow 1 or 2 brief visits or interactions and then go back to no contact for months or years.  The last thing they are trying to do is encourage any sort of real relationship between the abducted child and LBP.

i totally agree Sagedad

These videos are so difficult to watch.  It's like the video of David Goldman when he was finally allowed a visit with Sean,  and the obvious monitoring, brain washing and probable fear in the child that they would say the wrong thing, or show too much affection to their left behind parent.

 These criminal abductors are always so selfish  and mentally unbalanced that they either don't realize or more likely don't care about the fact that they are abusing and damaging their own child or the pain their children experience in the natural desire to show love and connect with their lost parent and feeling guilty for having these feelings.

I agree with all that you said Carlos.  People that do this are just evil, it's as simple as that.


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