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Newbie LBP Questions.


Hi everyone this is my first post. I've been reading the forums over a year but procrastinated registering. The stories are very sad and reminded me of my what seems as hopeless situation at times..

Just wanted to learn things that may have been holding me back.

Are the forums content indexed by the search engines?

I see there is a search option for the forums and you can search as a guest after filling in various forms to prove you are a human.

Are there sections of the forums that can not be searched unless you are a member?

I assume any child abductor or agent could infiltrate the forums for a fishing expedition...

In reality does it happen? how so? any tips?

Sorry to sound so Paranoid just don't want to make any newbie mistakes :).

I am a hesitant in putting out information that could be used against me or information that my spouse does not know that I know.

Nevertheless I needed to join and participate, learn and hopefully help others but now I barely can help myself.

I think the reality of the situation is sinking in my head. Before I was just in shock, waves of depression, anger, trying to negotiate then just nothing, no communication, nothing I guess hoping that time would change things but it just has become more bizarre.

I've received paperwork from the Brazilian Courts regarding separation, then divorce and child custody. Numerous pages of completely made up false allegations. I won't go into detail on just how bizarre the allegations are. I even responded to the most bizarre allegations and the response I received was how dare I even try to defend myself...:O   It's like being in a bizarre dream in some kangaroo court room from the 16th century and nothing you say in your defense gets heard.

Suprisingly at this point I think I'm handling this pretty well. I'm willing to fairly negotiate. I've gotten past the anger but I've decided regardless of the outcome I want to have the truth submitted in the court records to respond to the false allegations.

I've seen people slant stories of what happened to benefit themselves but to completely invent lies to damage someones character leaves me speechless. Especially when you know that they know that you have evidence to disprove these claims. Although I've learned that even then the Brazilian court system won't listen.

That's fine. It's better I know now than lose years off of my life from stress later.

Hey LBPOP, Welcome to the forum. I am not a LBP but try to support others who are so I do not know the right answers to your questions, but I will pray that the right thing works out for you.

Thanks  :)

Prayer is good.

I pray alot for peace of mind

Hi there! Even though this is your first post, but I like it! Just keep it up, don't stop! Ask everything you wish to get an answer to!

I should be thankful for one reply  :)  because this forum seems to have fizzled to almost nothing except for the spam posts.


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