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Author Topic: Grandma granted vist (Avó de Sean Goldman consegue o direito de visitar o neto)  (Read 6190 times)

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Avó de Sean Goldman consegue o direito de visitar o neto

A empresária Silvana Bianchi, avó do menino Sean Goldman, obteve na Justiça americana o direito de rever seu neto.

A Suprema Corte de Nova Jersey julgou procedente o pedido de visitas requisitado pelos advogados de Silvana.

Desde dezembro de 2009, quando a guarda de Sean foi concedida ao pai, o americano David Goldman, a avó materna Silvana aguarda pela oportunidade de visitar o menino.

Goldman foi casado com Bruna Bianchi, filha de Silvana, que morreu em 2008. A partir daí, os avós maternos e o americano iniciaram uma disputa pela guarda de Sean, que envolveu até mesmo os governos brasileiro e americano.

Segundo Carlos Nicodemos, advogado de Silvana, após obter a guarda do filho, Goldman passou a fazer uma série de exigências para que a avó materna pudesse visitá-lo. Entre elas, o pagamento de U$ 200 mil que corresponderia às despesas que Goldman teve com advogados ao longo do processo.

Para autorizar as visitas, o pai de Sean também teria requisitado a retirada das ações movidas por Silvana nos tribunais brasileiro e americano.

"Ela só quer o direito de visitar o neto, não há nenhum pedido em relação à guarda. Agora, vamos esperar pela execução da sentença", explicou Nicodemos, que também pretende acionar a justiça federal dos Estados Unidos. "A Convenção de Haia garante o direito de visita à chamada família extensiva. Por isso, vamos tentar em duas frentes para que Silvana consiga visitar o neto o quanto antes", acrescentou o advogado.

Source: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/cotidiano/1235059-avo-de-sean-goldman-consegue-o-direito-de-visitar-o-neto.shtml

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  Posted in February 22, 2013, to 3:24 pm
   Grandmother of Sean Goldman Gets the right to visit her grandson   Diary of Guarapuava FolhaPress Text size:       
RIO DE JANEIRO, February 22 (Deals)-the businesswoman Silvana Bianchi, grandmother of boy Sean Goldman, American Justice has the right to review his grandson.
The New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the request of visits requested by the lawyers of Silvana. Since December 2009, when the custody of Sean has been granted to the father, David Goldman, American maternal grandmother Silvana waits for the opportunity to visit the boy.
Goldman was married to Bruna Bianchi, daughter of Silvana, who died in 2008. From there, the maternal grandparents and the American started a dispute over custody of Sean, that involved even the Brazilian and u.s. Governments. According to Carlos Nicodemus, Silvana lawyer, after obtaining custody of son, Goldman went on to make a series of demands to which the maternal grandmother could visit him. Among them, the $ 200,000 payment that would correspond to the expenses that Goldman had with lawyers throughout the process.
To authorise visits, Sean's father also reportedly requested the withdrawal of actions filed by Silvana Brazilian and American courts.
"She just wants the right to visit her grandson, there is no claim in relation to custody. Now, let's wait for the execution of the sentence, "said Nicodemus, who also intends to trigger the federal courts of the United States. "The Hague Convention guarantees the right of visit to call extensive family. So let us try on two fronts for Silvana can visit the grandson as soon as possible, "added the lawyer.

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Oh, no...
She must have already boarded a plane hoping to see Sean soon. Anyway, I hope she doesn't try something bad to David and the boy.

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Isn't this more of the same?  That she won the right to be heard again?? 

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It reads like propaganda.

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Updates please...

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Re: Grandma granted vist
« Reply #6 on: August 25, 2014, 12:15:01 AM »
I've considered this topic a lot and the way I see it the grandparents were accomplices in kidnapping sean from his home and his family.  They more than likely knew when they arrived in town they would be taking their daughter and grandson back to Brazil behind his father's back.  Even if it was a spur of the moment decision to help their daughter they knew what they were doing was assisting in a kidnapping across international lines, and as such they are criminals that harmed the welfare of the child and as such should not be allowed any visitation with the child from that day forward.  Even if this is overlooked their actions once they were in Brazil was an act of parental alienation in which they did everything they could to prevent father from son, and to absorb sean into the Brazilian culture and eliminate his American heritage and/or rights, and encouraged the adoption of this boy and replacement of his father by another man for their own selfish desires.  At no time did they consider the welfare of the child or what was legally, morally, and ethically correct.  Not once did they put the future of the child ahead of theirs and their daughter's.  What they did may have been done from a position of love for their daughter but was despicable in every way possible.  If they are allowed to ever see their grandson it should always be supervised and limited, and they should have to face David during each and every one on his terms.  They should consider themselves lucky to have even that.  What I often think of when thinking of Sean is his sister.  What type of relationship are they able to maintain because I grew up without my big brother and as a result we were never able to build a typical sibling relationship, and I missed out on childhood memories that I should have been allowed to have, but were never in the cards.  I would hope the two kids could be allowed to have a healthy relationship, but I can see how difficult that would be.