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My Children's Mother Now Wants to Return the Children, BUT. . .

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After seven years of trials, tribulations and repeated failures on the part of both the US and Brazilian authorities I'm sure the US State Dept can't wait to count your children as "successful Hague returns" from Brazil and pimp them out as examples of how much "progress" is being made to protect internationally abducted children in Brazil.

I'm confident that they won't let the fact that they already flagged your children's abduction as "resolved" a year or two ago (as, at that time, such a massaging of the data helped promote their agenda as the cheerleaders of noncompliant nations) prevent them from still counting your children's return in the return statistics for 2013 (or 2014 as the case may be) since doing so promotes that false narrative of progress and competency even better.

The truth is though, even with the taking mother and LBP in agreement that the children should be returned home to the USA, neither Brazilian nor American authorities seem capable of facilitating that (passports, travel documents, etc) return within the six week time-frame to return abducted children imposed by international human rights legislation (bearing in mind that the abduction case has been open for 7 years already.)  It is not an accident that there are so many barriers and levels of seeming incompetence involved.  It is broken by design to promote a political status quo which minimizes the impact of international "child custody" issues on foreign relations.

So glad to hear your children are coming back. When my ex illegally took my son out of the country, after 1.5yrs she realized that my son was better off here. Makes you wonder why even hire an attorney. All they provide is false hope. I'm so excited for you!!!

^^^^ I've been saying this and agree. Well with Tim it took much longer, and a lot of other people have been waiting years with nothing. However with the hague there is zero percent chance you are going to win. The only person to win has been David. Over the past two years ive seen more children returned voluntarily by the abducting parent. Just now Tim's childrens, by your statement im assuming your children have also been returned Caleb, and mine have been returned all voluntarily. I'm not very active on this site so im sure there may be a few more. I'm with you Caleb why waste money and time and stress on an attorney and the Hague process when you already lost before you even start the process. If your own country won't back you how can anyone expect to win in a foreign country.

Another new twist in my efforts to get my children back. As you already know, Brazil will not let them leave the country without new Brazilian passports (even though they have valid United States passports). I already sent by express mail permission for their mother to obtain new Brazilian passports as well as permission for them to leave the country. Their mother received them about 10 days ago.

Well. . . I received an email today from my daughter telling me that apparently during the hearing for the Hague Convention petition, the Brazilian government obtained a court order prohibiting my children from leaving the country and that order is still in force and overrules the signed travel authorizations from myself and their mother.

So. . .  we now need to figure out how to overturn that court order. The whole things just screams of sheer insanity!

I cannot praise the new Chief Coordinator at the BCA, George Lima, enough. I emailed him about my problem at about 9:00 AM this morning and by 1:00 PM, he wrote back that he had already investigated it and was working on a solution. It's too bad that he is only one person.


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