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Update on My Children's Return

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All of a sudden, the Federal Police decided that they can return without new Brazilian passports and can use their United States passports to leave Brazil. I already purchased tickets for them to travel on October 17. Let's all cross our fingers that they show up at the airport and are allowed on the plane. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Oh, how exciting!!!!!!  I'm so happy for you, Tim.  It's been a very long time coming.  Prayers for you and your kids...hope they are "wheels up" on the 17th! 

Keeping you in my prayers and waiting for the "Good News".

Great news!  Keep the faith and here is wishing you a wonderful reunion.

Oh,  this is wonderful news.  Prayers that all goes well and you will soon have them home and wrapped in your arms again.


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