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Update on My Children's Return

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kim in socal:
Would love an update...starting to get worried...
I woke up today and checked the laptop with barely opening my eyes.
Been following this board for years and this is really great (unexpected) news!

They're not supposed to arrive until late tonight and I received confirmation they got on the plane. However, I also have evidence their mother took a separate flight and is up to something. I'm trying to be optimistic, but am expecting problems. At least, the police and courts here usually uphold the law.

I came on to check because it's finally the 17th, but I'm bummed to see their mom took a separate flight.  What could she possibly be up to?  Maybe she is hoping to move back to the US?  You do have a court order stating you have full custody, right?  Praying that he isn't coming to start something else. 

She's coming to start something, but I don't know what. I confirmed that she is here. Interestingly, I have already received 2 calls from the police in Miami asking why my children are listed as "missing" in their records.


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