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Ricardo Zamariola Jr's open letter gets published on Gloria Perez's blog

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I've been monitoring the comments on Gloria Perez's blog.
I just saw David's Brazilian attorney letter to the Brazilian Council on Children's Rights on her blog, though an anonymous poster. :clapping:
It's funny because two posts later, there it was the Daddy's Boy (JPLES) letter again ...
Here's the blog link
As of it 1 AM, there were 54 posts (including mine, yeah!). Look for Ricardo's letter about two posts before the last one. It has some relevance since this lady has a significant following because of her soap-operas.

Our fellow member RioGringa also made a post there. I just love her comments!

Denise Figueiredo:
Valeu, FC! Ja fui no site e mandei a minha info como anonima. Se sai, aviso voces!

Rio Gringa:
caraca! ela postou meu comentario. pensei que ia deletar. woohoo

I too made a reply but I don't know if it will be approved, I was a little "hot", when I wrote it.


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