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My children arrived on schedule. Many phone calls from the police asking about two children who were listed as "missing" in Interpol. I didn't even know that alerts had been issued. My son says they questioned him for about an hour at immigration. Things like:

* Were you forced to live in Brazil against your will?
* Did your mother ever rape you?
* Were you beaten?
* etc.Their mother showed up at the airport to claim them. Where she was planning on taking them is a mystery as I have a court order to keep her off the premises of the house where my children now live. The airline refused to release them to her as my name was on the unaccompanied minor form and arranged for me, with police escort, to quietly leave the airport.
Things were going very well until about 1/2 hour after we arrived home when she showed up at the door. As soon as my children saw her, my son went into hiding in the house (probably he was afraid of the heavy police presence) and my daughter started crying uncontrollably. I refused to let my daughter out of the house until the police came. Talk about an uncomfortable 5 minutes or so! Since they were making such a commotion (at 1:00 AM), I sent my daughter back inside and tried to talk to the mother with the police present. All I got were accusations of how poor of a father I am and how unreasonable/unfair I am acting. Five police cars responded and ultimately forced the mother to leave the neighborhood under police escort. They know the full history of what has transpired over the years.

My daughter continued crying for the next 2 hours until she was so exhausted (at 3 AM) that she went to sleep. They are now sleeping quietly. I am so nervous that, after 2.5 hours last night and 5 the night before, I am wide awake.

If only she stayed away and let me do my job. . . She had over 7 years to say "Goodbye". Anyways, I am not taking them from her. She returned them voluntarily and I will gladly return them to Brazil at the end of the school year- if that is what they want to do. Within 10 minutes of arriving, I already had given the phone to them to contact their grandmother in Brazil to let them know they arrived and were safe.

Let's hope things get better from here.

I am so happy that your children are with you now ...but I'm so sorry you and the kids had to face all this drama last night. Hopefully it's all behind you and much happiness for you and your kids!

I feel so bad for what their mother continues to put you through.  After all these years you certainly don't deserve this ongoing drama.  It only hurts the children.  Was thinking about you yesterday and am happy that they arrived safely.  Hope that things will go smoothly and the children will adjust quickly.  My very best wishes to all of you!

Unbelievable. What's is going on with this woman? Why go through the whole pretense of sending them back to you, unattended no less, if her plan was to attempt to be at the airport to greet and collect them? Why is she here in the U.S.? She didn't want them while she had them in Brazil, but now within hours of their stepping foot on U.S. soil she's mysteriously here and wanting them?

God bless you, Timothy. I'm so sorry about the drama -- was so hoping things might just fall into place for you and your children...though I am glad to hear you're at least getting proper support from the airline and police.

Things have gone very smoothly today. I took them to the doctors. They both got physicals and immunizations. We then went out to lunch and registered them for school. I bought a few clothes for my son. Now we are going to their grandma's house for dinner.

I was able to get an appointment for their mom at the psychologist that I will use for my children so that she could express her concerns. Today has been 1000% better than yesterday.


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