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It's just wonderful that you finally have them back. 

With all that you have been through you really proved that you are the better person.  Your children will come to realize it too if they haven't already.  Continued good blessings to you and your family.

Thank you for the kind words. I am playing a very delicate balancing game. Their mother is still here and I am trying to be civil and allow her to see that the children are doing well so that she can disconnect and let me do my job. I told her that I have no intentions of making her feel like she made me feel for the last 7 years. In terms of the children, they start school tomorrow and are very cooperative and fun to be around. I am using all resources available and think that things are off to a smooth start though I'll feel much calmer when their mother returns to Brazil.

Mate, all I can say is that I am so happy for you. No that is not what I want to say, I am so very f*cking happy for you. You know more, and for longer, than any of us how utterly draining, sapping and disheartening this situation is to a parent. You have suffered more than any father should ever have to f*cking suffer and I hope your kids are just overwhelmed at the enjoyment and security of being with you again. Love them harder then you can to help make up for the rest of us.

I had hoped she was only there for their transition.  I just found the calls about them being "missing" quite interesting.  The timing, that is.  Hopefully she will be on her way back to Brazil soon and things will be better for the 3 of you.  She has had them for the last 7 years, now it's your turn.  I do hope the kids enjoy school and make lots of new friends.   Best of luck to you Tim!   


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