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Wow!  Why would she do that??  Why was she here?  Was she going to take them and have you pay child support here?  Crazy.  Obviously she has problems.... I'm glad things are going better today!

So glad you all had a good day today! Here's to many more!

I think things will work out. I believe that most of the hostility between their mom and I at this point is due to the inherent distrust that we have for each other and the secretive way that she does many things. I think she is not here to create problems, but rather see first-hand that the children are doing well. I understand how she feels now because I felt the same way for the last 7 years.

Is there a refund for all the money you spent w/the attorneys?


--- Quote from: caleb on October 20, 2013, 11:11:49 PM ---Is there a refund for all the money you spent w/the attorneys?

--- End quote ---
I understand the sarcasm 100%. At this point, the only healthy thing is to look at the future and not dwell on the past. The answer is "NO" and the bills are still coming. My children still care about their mother.


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