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After reversing the court order prohibiting the issuance of new Brazilian passports, my children's mother finally applied for new Brazilian passports so that, if the children ever chose, they could visit their Brazilian family. Now, the Federal Police won't issue them to her without the children's physical presence when she picks them up. As everyone knows, this is impossible because they are now in the United States. What makes this utterly ridiculous is that, under Brazilian law, without the new passports, they can't return to Brazil. In other words, Brazil spent over 7 years obstructing their return to the United States. Now, if they ever want to return to visit their family, Brazil is obstructing that too!

that's simple...if the children want new brazilian passports jus go to the brazilian consulate and issue one... they don't need to go to Brazil...and the mother does not need to do it in there...i know the this part of the law, i had to fo pick up my first passport when i was 17..... they can issue and pick up in US.

The laws have recently changed in Brazilian in regards to handling things at consulates, they are now requiring that you have to physically be there in Brazilian to handle a lot of things. Not sure if this is one of them, but I know the laws have change.

well, i think tyou can get the passport in the consulate cause last year when I was in out of Brazil, the brazilian consulate in Bogotá was allowed to issue passports.... probably the law still the same,imagine if a Brazilian loses the passport and the consulate says they can't issue a new one because you'd have to be in Brazil.....

The situation here is that they already issued the passports. They simply refuse to give them to their mother. Their mother would need to authorize new passports from the Consulate, which would be the same hassle that I went through to authorize her to get them in Brazil. At the time I authorized her, Brazil was still telling me that they needed them to leave Brazil.


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