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Author Topic: How do find out if a passport was issued in Italy, Bermuda Cruise Ship  (Read 1093 times)

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 Hello All
 My 8 y.o. son was born in USA but he has dual- citizenship in Italy. My ex-wife inadvertently told me that she has an Italian passport for him. But then she retracted her statement and  said she has my son on her own passport since he was an infant.
Three questions:
   1. Could my 8 y.o son travel on her passport to Italy?

   2. How could I find out if she got him his own passport in Italy ? I heard Italy does not have any single, unified passport database that links all the provinces together.  And it sounds easy to fraudulently sign my name to a consent form if she went to Italy herself and got a passport for him. How could I find out if it was issued from somewhere in Italy? I mean anywhere in Italy; not just her home town.

  3. How easy is it for my ex-wife to go to Bermuda on a cruise ship and leave for Italy from Bermuda? 
 I contacted the Italian authorities in the USA, but they acknowledged that my son could have a passport issued in Italy.
 Appreciate any help.
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