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Author Topic: Missing child found in Mexico 12 years after disappearance  (Read 3810 times)

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Missing child found in Mexico 12 years after disappearance
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:33:10 AM »

A young girl missing for more than a decade was reportedly found after a daring rescue operation in Mexico.
 Sabrina Allen was brought back to Austin, Texas, Tuesday night, according Fox Austin. Allen was taken only one month before her fifth birthday by Dara Llorens, who is also reportedly in custody.
 The rescue mission included the FBI, U.S. Marshals and Mexican authorities, sources told the station. Both the teen and her mother were brought back to the U.S. on a commercial flight. They were found southeast of Mexico City.
 The then-four-year-old girl was taken from father Greg Allen by Llorens, his estranged wife, according to FindSabrina.org. The two have not yet been reunited.
 The girl was almost rescued from Llorens in Mexico City in June 2003 when they were found living under the assumed names Blanca Aurora Fabian Urieb and Adriana Fabian Uribe, according to the site, but they eluded capture.
 Llorens has spent the last decade cutting and dying Sabrina Allen's previously long blonde hair, authorities said. The woman is Sabrina Allen's non-custodial mother.
 The pair had last been seen in Mexico City on June 13, 2003. Llorens took the girl at the end of a six-month period of court-supervised visitations, according to FindSabrina.org.
 Llorens had previously threatened to flee the country with the young girl, and a mental health evaluation revealed that she had a personality disorder.
 The young girl was known to have attended a pre-school in Mexico City, but no evidence of further education has been uncovered.
 Sabrina Allen is believed by officials to be malnourished an in poor mental and physical health.
 This is a developing story. More information will come as it is made available.