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« on: June 10, 2015, 10:24:03 PM »
My daughter, Athena, was forcibly abducted on January 3, 2010.
The abduction was reported in a Hague Petition and a report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I have filed for divorce six months earlier in the  U.S., where we had married and lived throughout our marriage (my daughters were born U.S. citizens).

A Spanish law firm conspired with the maternal family to abduct my daughters, as legally obtained emails prove.
The Spanish law firm and maternal family have denied me contact with my daughters since their abduction.
This should never have happened. I am appealing for help to ensure this never happens again.
I have filed an ethics complaint against the U.S. affiliate of the Spanish law firm (I have phone records of calls between him and my wife prior to the abduction - prior to his being part of the case).
I am urging a full investigation - including warrants to view all emails - and if he was party (as it appears) I am demanding not only that he be disbarred, but that he be prosecuted to the full extent for child trafficking.
Please support my appeal by notifying your local news and asking that they inquire about the case.
Also, I found a child trauma therapist who specializes in parental abduction trauma who has volunteered to help me deliver her expertise in the form of healthy, positive messages to all children in need... see our website at:
Yours truly,
Jonathan Sheetz, MD
774 836 4519