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Author Topic: Ask Politicians to Request RICO Case When Foreign Lawyers Plan Abduction?  (Read 1449 times)

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My 2 daughters Thanit and Athena (ages 8 & 6) both US citizens were abducted to Spain by their maternal family with the assistance of a law firm in Barcelona. We have emails between the family and a Barcelona law firm discussing plans for the kidnapping (after divorce had been filed in the US). The emails were legally obtained by authorized forensics experts.

The US court verdict last month authorized "any and all domestic and foreign politicians and law enforcement" to take whatever measures to IMMEDIATELY bring the girls into custody and return them to the US. (a copy of the verdict is at bringthanitandathenahome .blogspot.com )

Can politicians be asked to issue "public official inquiries" to their respective attorney generals requesting them to investigate the possibility of a RICO case for conspiring to kidnap US minors across international borders? (If so, that would pave the way to filing such cases in all international abduction cases -- it's physically impossible for one person to kidnap children abroad without assistance, by definition that's conspiracy - the fact that they're minors is a second federal offense, satisfying the criteria for RICO - RICO empowers prosecutors to freeze foreign bank accounts for the duration of the case (it's the only law that enables authorities to pre-emptively punish people across international borders) -- that hits them where it hurts and would bring a lot of children flying home...