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Author Topic: Kidnapped Ko Brothers given to Taking Parent by LA County Children's Court  (Read 2976 times)

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In my last post back in May, 2016 we were headed to Family Court.  The Judge denied the mother Yuxin Mei Wang's request for unsupervised visits, reduced monitors for visits and denied the request for a Parenting Plan Assessment.  We then went back to Family Court again on July 20, 2016.  Wang is still in ICE Deportation Proceedings for immigration fraud (actually since July 2012).  Her attorney Ed Pease share with the Family Court that Wang would not be deported (how would he know?) at her Sep15, 2016 and her case would be continued for another 2 years out.  Ed Pease shared that Wang will not pled "extreme and unusal hardship" on her teenage boys if she is deported.

I was confused as the boys live with me full time and she only has supervised visitation twice a month so how can it be a hardship?

I sent the boys to Taiwan for a 6 week Chinese language course and they returned on Aug13, 2016.  They were so happy and said it was the best thing they have ever done.  School started and everything was great.  We went to the mountains over Labor Day weekend and hiked.

BUT on Sep18, 2016 a storm hit.  Out of the blue they wrote the attached note about leaving the day they turn 18 and I "mean nothing to them"  During the last 5 years since they have been back from Singapore, we would get these outbursts every few months but they only last at most 2 days and we go back to normal.  Not this time.  On the followng Wed, they ran away and was found after midnight at the middle school.  They told the Police they were kicked out of the house and they would only go home if I help them get emancipated so they can go live with their mother.

Why this sudden urge to go live with their mother.  Through contacts, I was able to find out that the mother's deportation case was NOT continued for 2 years.  Instead, she has another hearing on Jan25, 2017.  I figured out this is probably the time the Immigration Judge gave her to prove "extreme and  unusual hardship."  So she must have communicated to the boys that they need to go live with her or "your father is going to have me deported."  The boys' behavior and attitude went downhill from Sep18.

I would ask them to please txt or call me to let me know where are going to be and what time they will come home if they are not coming home right after school.  They refused and even turned off the Family360 app on their phone so I can't tell where they are.

I went to see their old therapist Dr. Childress right away for advice.  He said you have to let them go so they can experience their mother outside of supervised visitation where she is on her best behavior.  I also emailed the school counselor to ask for help from the school psychologist; and a couple of teachers asking them to speak with the boys.  I thought the psychologist Natalie Guerrero was helping me get the boys back to a therapist.  Instead, later I found out she was telling the police that I withhold food from the boys, don't provide them with basic necessities, etc. etc.  Why would I sent them to Taiwan for a summer class if I am that type of parent?

Starting October, there were multiple calls into the LA County Dept of Family and Children's Service (DCFS)accusing me of abuse and neglect.  They boys also called the police a few times accusing me of hitting them.  Police found no evidence and told them they are just spoiled kids and should listen to their father.  This is similar to the last time they alledged abuse in June 2012.  We have not had any reports of abuse since June 2012 and all of a sudden in Sep/Oct 2016, multiple calls by the mother, the school psychologist.

I was cleared by DCFS in November but I asked them not to close the case as something is terribly wrong with the boys. The Social Work told the boys she did not have enough evidence to place them in foster care or with their mother. I escalated this request to my County Supervisor who passed it on to a supervisor/manager at DCFS.  She was nice enough and called me.  She explained for over an hour that their job is not to prevent abuse but to take action to resolve abuse after it happens.  They cannot have their own psychologists talk to Christopher and William.

Why would an abusive parent want to involve the school psychologist, teachers, DCFS, more psychologists?  These are all "mandated reporters of abuse."  Because as a parent I sensed something is terribly wrong.  The mother took me to Family Court about 7-8 times from 2013 to 2016 and NOT ONCE did she mention abuse and neglect in her requests for orders.  There were 13 supervised visitation monitors that rotated over the last 4 years and NOT ONE reported any abuse or neglect, pls 3 therapists, a pediatrician, ER staff when William had a stomach pain, etc.  Only the DCFS social workers who were involved for a few days in Oct-Dec can with certainty say there is abuse.  So all their other colleagues that were involved in 2011 and 2012 when the boys first came back were wrong and the psychologists who worked with the boys from March2011 to Sep2014 were wrong too.

The boys stopped talking to us, we don't know whey they are coming home from school, they asked us to only send them emails, and they refused to eat meals with us.  We would eat and then they would come down later to eat.

The Sep18 note about leaving at 18 is so different from a note they sent me in Dec 2015 (attached) and the Father's Day 2016 card.  Christopher even made me breakfast for Father's Day which was a complete surprise to me and I melted like the butter on the toast.

On December 3, 2016 I had a friend over for dinner around 6pm.  My wife couldn't take the boys' rudeness and attitude so went to visit family out of town.  Daniel and I had wine and made steaks.  I invited the boys but they declined.  Chris said don't buy anything for us without asking because we don't want to be indebted to  you.  They made dinner around 5 and went up to their room where they stayed the entire evening.  When Daniel left around 11-1130PM, I was cleaning up the wine glasses and BAM, I was knocked down to the floor.  Chris hovered over me and I threw him off.  They went back up to their room and I started picking up pieces of glass.

When I was done, there were 4 police officer in my house.  Chris told them I beat him up and his nose is bleeding.  Wiliam said he saw it.  So 2 against 1 and I was arrested.  In the police reports, Chris said when I was on the ground, he kicked me and punched me in the face.  The police report quoted the paramedic that Chris had sligh abrasion to his upper lip and no other injuries.  They took photos of his body and there was nothing else.

They boys were taken to my niece's home.  This is also strange since my niece has not contacted the boys in close to 2 years and the boys would call Candice right after they called 911.

On Dec15, 2016, we were summoned to Children's Court where they deal with placement of children at risk of abuse.  The Judge Julie Blackshaw was biased from the start.  She herself has twin boys and went through a terrible divorce.  My attorney said everytime she looks at you she is probably thinking of her ex husband and being reminded of what she went through.

Eventhough the mother is a convicted felon, the Judge placed the boys with her.  On Jan15, she took the boys to Immigration Court and she was granted a waiver to deportation.  When her lawyer said back in July that she was pleading "extreme and unusual hardship" I couldn't understand why.  Now I do.  When the social worker told the boys she did not have enough evidence to take them away, they created a situation that would provide the necessary evidence.  What to do and how to do it are easily available on internet searches.

So now, after spending 18 months in the Singapore Courts to bring them back, then working with them through therapy, it goes back to zero.  The first therapist who saw the boys when they first returned wrote in the attached progress letter that the boys were "programmed, very effectively" to see me as a danger, to see me as not their father and to never want to live with me.  I see this programming as similar to a planted computer virus and it was activated in Sep2016 so the mother can manipulate and use the boys for her own goal of remaining in the country.

In Family Court and Children's Court, the saying is "for the best interests of the children."  From my first-hand experience, it is more "for the interests of the Judge's ego."

I have tried my best to show the boys love and affection.  I have tried to teach and show them how to handle different situations, manners, being helpful, being kind, etc.  I hope these "seeds" are still there and they will remember as they go out into the real world.  My job is done now, no choice anyway.  We pretend they left for college early.

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