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Diplomacy: The case of the boy Sean Goldman
Goldman, what maintains the room of his son Sean intocado there are more than four years, and the child in the company of his stepfather in Conches, in the coast of the Rio: eight travels to Brazil and accusations even of disease degenerativa and incapacitante
The walls are painted of a light blue, as well as the ceiling of stocking-water. The window is spacious, the room is quite illuminated and everything is at the place: the toys from plush on the bed, the books in the small bookcase of TV, the shoes aligned to the baseboard, the clothes hung in the hanger. Only the aquarium has not fishes killed during a cut of electric energy. " I want that it is completely as it was when he went away ", said David Goldman, in last Wednesday, while receiving SEE at his house, in Tinton Falls, in state of Nova Jersey, concerning a son, Sean, who was taken by the mother there are four years and a half for Brazil. In the same Ash Wednesday, Sean was in Conches, in the coast of the Rio of January, where it passed Carnival at a luxurious home facing the sea, in the relatives' company. In these last four years and a half, father and son saw himself that you punish once, there is less than one month, and only for some hours, in the extern area of a residential condominium in the Rio and under the vigilance of a psychologist. " Our knots did not vanish ", Goldman noted, remembering the meeting. " He is still my boy. " Will it be?
The argument for the policewoman of Sean Bianchi Goldman is a history cut for a movie. It began with a case of love in the glamoroso world of the fashion in Milan and it is becoming a growing diplomatic discomfort between Brazil and the United States. In 1997, the American David Goldman he was living in Milan like model, squandering his print in 1,86 meter of height and 80 kilograms. It knew the Brazilian Bruna Bianchi, pretty and cultured, who was studying fashion. They fell in love, moved for Nova Jersey. She got pregnant, they got married in 1999 and Sean was born in 25 of May of 2000. In the appearance, they were surviving a happy life. But something was going badly. InIn 16 of June of 2004, Goldman took woman, son and in-laws to the airport to board for short season in the Rio, as they were doing from time to time. " Going for the boarding, she turned to me and did our gesture of ‘ I love you ’. I can see it doing that. " Polish never again it returned. Of the Rio, she called when it is saying what the marriage had finished and what Goldman only would see Sean again if, between other conditions, him of this the definite policewoman of the son. Goldman recalls: " Her voice was strange. It was metal, without emotion ".
The policewoman of the child fell in the legal tangle, but a tragic chapter changed everything. In the Rio, Polish again was married, with the lawyer John Paul Lins and Hiss, of the clan that there is one century it produces medallions of the right. In 22 of last August, while giving birth It Had screeched, the only daughter sweats with Lins and Hiss, Polish that it died as a result of complications of the childbirth. With that, in four years, Sean's life crossed a dramatic whirlwind: it was taken of the American father, it lost the Brazilian mother, a half-sister won half-sister and, in a surprising throw, it had his policewoman granted to a stepfather. Being afraid that Goldman could catch the son of turn with the death of Polish, Lins and Bramble, six days after the death of the woman, it asked to the Justice the policewoman of the boy alleging " paternity socioafetiva ". With agility uncommon, the Justice paid attention to his request in the same day. Goldman landed in Brazil ten days later. It arrived right of what, like biological father, it would take the son of turn. It discovered that the policewoman had been granted for Lins and Bramble
Besides the dramatic outlines, the history has mysteries. One of them: because It Polishes did it take such a radical decision I eat it of kidnapping the son himself of the father? Polish that it entered in Brazil with authorization of Goldman to keep the boy up to 18 of July of 2004. After this date, the permanence of the child in Brazil started to violate the Convention of Hague, which is about international seizure of children for one of the parents. Because it did that? " She never complained of anything of our life ", says Goldman. But it is obvious that something was going badly. The family of Polishes, what he does not speak publicly about the case because it runs under judicial secret, has been insinuating that Goldman is an opportunist. While they were married, Polish that it was supporting the house giving classrooms of Italian, and the sex life of the couple was a desert. Goldman never asked to see the son and it was not paying attention to his phone calls. Greedy for money, it caught 150 000 dollars in exchange for the retreat of the name of the ex-in-laws of the first process. It has no income I do nor employ fixed. He is a bearer
of a disease degenerativa, which prevents it from taking care of the child
Goldman says that the accusations go from the lie to the handling. He says that it is a lie what they had not sex life, which was not paying attention to the connections of a son or which did not ask to see it. It affirms that it was eight times in Brazil with this objective. It confirms which fez agreement for 150 000 dollars, to be able to face the expenses of the legal battle for the son, and it does not stop to sell his policewoman. " With lawyers in two countries, you cost processual and international travels, he already spent more than 300 000 dollars ", his lawyer writes up in Brazil, Ricardo Zamariola Junior. Goldman has not job or fixed income, does not survive them to me in the leisure. Sulk like model and property broker and it takes away his support with tourist walks of boat in the coast of Nova Jersey. It collects 600 dollars for six hours. His diary for the summer is taken. Finally, the disease of which he is a bearer, the syndrome of Guillain-Barré, kills only from 3 % to 5 % of the patients. Goldman passed already by a crisis that left it weeks in the hospital, me them he if it recovered without sequels. To his favor, be the fact that completely this can be a reason for a woman to ask the divorce of the husband, but nothing of that justifies to take away of the father the right of coexisting with his son
Or does it justify? Up to here, the Brazilian Justice has been understanding which Sean is already adapted to his new way. On basis of that, the judge Gerardo Carnevale Ney of the Bramble signed sentence in which the definite policewoman of the boy gave to the mother in 2006. The judge Carnevale is a central figure in the case. Besides the policewoman for Polish, he gave him the divorce in 2007 and, in last August, granted to jet the provisional policewoman of the boy to a stepfather. Consulted, he spoke: " What I can say is which decisions in the state sticks take into account interests of the child, not of the parents ". After the death of the mother, Sean started to grasp with the motherly grandparents, the half-sister and the stepfather a luxury condominium the Botanical Garden, the Southern District of the city. It divides the mornings between classrooms of basketball and jiu-jitsu. Study in the afternoon in the School Park, college frequented by the tall middle class of Rio de Janeiro, and it has sessions of psychotherapy. The Convention of Hague, dorsal bone of the arguments of Goldman, predicts that the sequestrated child is returned to the country of origin immediately. But also it predicts that, after one year, it and now the adaptation of the child will be taken into account
After so much time, must be considered what it will be better for the boy ", says William Duncan, joined secretary-general of the Conference of Hague in international private right. Sean seems quite well-adjusted. Flame Lins and father's Bramble with naturalness and he leads a life of material quality very superior to that of immense most of the Brazilian children. But his adaptation only had time to be consolidated due to the traditional delay of the Brazilian Justice – and not because his father did not want it of turn. Goldman operated the American Justice. He won, did not take them to me. Will it be just to leave it without the son? When the case brought Court of Justice near to a Superior, two Ministers, Ari Pargendler and Carlos Alberto Direito, they touched the point fulcral: the permanence of the boy in Brazil is the seizure continued of a child. " What we are doing while admitting what the consolidation of the situation, in fact, for the time, the return obstructs? ", one asked Straight. " We are admitting that anyone could swindle the Convention of Hague, removing the son of the country of origin, and here remain under a process that can be slow. " The two were a due vote
In the battle for the son, Goldman operated deputies and American senators, and it is managing to mobilize the government and the public American opinion on behalf of his cause. In March, when president Lula is in Washington to visit Barack Obama, there will be protest in front of White House. In last week, in meeting with the secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, chancellor Celso Amorim heard a request to speed the subject up. Amorim answered what the Brazilian government will make the best, but whom the case runs in the Justice. Briefly: the diplomacy was moved, but it uses the same fists of income that take years to produce result. That is acceptable when there is discussed a commercial agreement or a new treaty, but it is a cruelty when it the question is the life of a child.

Once again, how can you award cusotdy to Bruna, when he was living in American for FOUR years and Brazil for only ONE year.
They screwed up two descions, going against the Hague Convention, going against their own law, and then take forever to get David's time in court, then they say that the should stay, that he has adapted, that ,yes, while we went agaisnt the convention, our laws, the court rulings in the U.S., that yes we'll admit we made a huge mistake,that, yes, this man tried to see his son, that, yes, he has gone to hell and back, that'll the child should probably stay here.
Where was the interest of the child 3 years ago.  To take him out of his birthplace and into a foreign country, you can't ignore an international treaty, and then argue interest of the child 3 years later

Alvaro Valenzuela:
Brazilian Magazine Breaks Media Blockade

Though a few Brazilian publications have ignored the censorship of the story, first Piaui magazine followed by Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, finally a major national publication has followed suit. Major kudos to VEJA for publishing a well-informed story about the Goldman case using all of the names of the parties involved in this week's edition. [VEJA is a nationally distributed news magazine in Brazil, akin to Newsweek or Time.] They mentioned both sides of the story and wrote about the case despite the media "ban" due to "secrecy of Justice." Well done, Andre and co!
Read the full story in English and see more photos after the jump.

A boy and two countries

i just read this
it seems to me that not even the media there agree with JPS

This is bad Carina. This guy spreads the lies that David does not like to work and is lazy and that he was paid 150k.
Globo makes it really hard to comment, you have to get a password. This guy is prejudiced.


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