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Help! I select text, and try to use different color, links, B, I, U... and the icons... and NONE of these things are working :(


It is working? I don't know, but I'm going to try. Hmm, looks like it is. Maybe clear your cache: Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files. That seems to have fixed crazy things in the past for me.

trying again!... nope!

This sometimes happens to me when I cut and paste text from another offline source. I'm not sure why it happens, but to fix it I actually have to retype "fresh" in the post box the portion of text that I'm trying to format.

My formatting problem started when I downloaded the new version of MSN/Windows Live plus features... I never check the 'extra features' but I did this time because a friend told me it was great.... right... ever since the MSN/WL was updated the Google Chrome Browser started to act in a weird way... I am sure IE has something to do with this. I can format text in IE but not in GC...


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