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Sage: Trip to Mexico - Closing Arguments

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Leaving shortly to Mexico for the final hearing in Sage's case in family court on April 2nd.  The sad reality is that the judges decision, which should be handed down in mid april and has been 10 months in the making, will be largely cosmetic and will dictate little more than which side initiates the appeal before we move into the appellate and federal courts.

The good news is that I have visitation with Sage at the court house scheduled for the same day!!!   :)  

We formally requested it, in writing this time, a month and a half in advance to avoid any excuses for why my wife didn't get Sage to the courthouse.  It will weigh strongly against her in the coming proceedings if she interferes with this visit so I am reasonably confident that it should go off without a problem.

Carlos, I hope you get to see Sage. :D Good luck! Have fun!

Yea let me know how everything goes man, I hope it runs smoothly

hey, good luck!!!

Thanks everyone!  I'll try to provide live updates once i'm on the ground tommorow morning :)

Though i'm kinda worried now...  Just saw that the US State Department has put out a travel advisory for Mexico:

Apparently, "In recent years, dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped across Mexico" ...that sounds bad...

...guess when it's dozens of "people" they put out an advisory to warn people.  When it's literally hundreds of children per year they quietly tuck it into their annual non-compliance report....:conf:


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