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We brazillians are very sorry for this !!

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I'm brazillian and also a resident of Rio de Janeiro, unfortunately I am still learning english.

I would like to let clear that no brazillian citizen is supporting this ilegal manipulation of the justice system. Yet we are not shocked by this, the current president is a complete criminal and we all know it.

My father doesnt care about me at all, he only calls me once an year at xmas and in 2008 he didnt call. I think mr. David is a great person and I hope he can have he's son as soon as possible.

Thanks for your kind post and sorry to hear about your father - that must be rough.
Someone here pointed out that most of the comments after the recent O Globo article about this case were against the Lins e Silvas. It seems that many Brazilians are good people who find the LeS behaviour and tactics shameful. We're glad that they are supportive of David despite that he's American - that says a lot.

Rodrigo...I'm so sorry to hear about your own father.  It's sad to hear and even more sad, more common than not.  You can help by sharing David and Seans story with your friends and their parents and your family.  Create as much awareness in Brazil as you can and maybe Sean can be reunited with his father who loves him dearly.
Hopefully one day your father will realize what he has missed out on.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Many of your fellow citizens have been working very hard to bring Sean home to the U.S. Thousands of Brasileiros have signed the online BringSeanHome petition.  You can help by telling everyone you know about  If they don't have computers, you can tell them the true story.  If they do have computers, please tell them to watch the Dateline videos.  I know they are available with Portuguese subtitles.  Ask everyone to spread the word!  

Thanks again, Rodrigo.  By the way, you know a lot more English than I know Portuguese.  Keep up the good work!  

I too am a Brasilian and very upset with this injustice. You must understand that we do not support the Bianchinis and Lins e Silva to keep Sean only because they are rich and powerful. This is a humiliation for Brasil and all Brasilians but it is part of our culture, democracy is a only word, wealthiness and power continue to rule and demand exceptional priveleges.


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