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Paulo Lins e Silva speech in favor of compliance with Hague convention (in 2006)

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What an irony.
In a speech at a lawyer's conference Paulo Lins e Silva is in favor of full compliance with Hague convention and against asking the child's opinion.

He describes how the kidnapped child becomes more dependent on the kidnapper an the new environment, and how the kidnapper usually has a goal to keep the kid away from the other parent.

But that speech was a few years ago

there are 4 more youtube links in that post. They should send this speech to his son. Paulo Lins e Silva could become a member of this board, all he says is 100% in agreement with the opinion of this site.

People on youtube comment that while Brazil is represented by such hipocrites, Brazil will never be taken seriously. They say one thing, and practice something else

The videos are posted and discussed in these threads:

Yeah.. the recording stopped right before he said 'except if you're rich and have connections'.. hahaha


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you guys are fast, nothing escapes you .......


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you guys are fast, nothing escapes you .......

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been consumed with this since I saw the Dateline special (1st one).. and I'm not the type that usually gets involved.
We are all just outraged. It's so unfair, and the more I try to understand the 'other side' the more I'm convinced they're wrong.
People were very harsh w/you in that other thread. Don't let it get you down. We're all just worked up..  
Welcome :D


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