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Koyama / Help me understand
« Last post by lttlmtn on May 29, 2015, 05:47:57 PM »
Help me understand why I still am not in Emily's life...?

I am still trying to understand the thinking behind parental abduction, when the taking parent knows the truth about the other parent, but still depends on fabricating lies to undermine the other parent. My daughter and I have been without seeing each other for a very long time, she also has two brothers (my boys from a previous marriage) and an older sister (her daughter from a previous marriage) that miss her dearly too.
[/size]She has been gone since Feb. 2, 2009... her mother has no plans of returning with her to the United States, and has gone to lengths to change her last name, as well as claim that Henner Antonio Chavarria is her father. She made claims against me that have never been proven, no evidence, and not one person has come forward to validate one of her claims is true.[/color]
[/size]Why do some people still believe her story? I don't understand the logic that a person can trust another person that has never been able to prove anything. I can have several people attest to the exact opposite of everything she has claimed against me, but still my daughter is being kept from me with no real good evidence or sensible reason.

[/size]It started when we met and I thought she was the "one" for me. It moved fast and next thing you know here I am, being known as a victim of International Parental Abduction, and my daughter is the focal point. How did it get to this? I never knew I would have a life of questions, and mistrust, but since this has happened I haven't been able to trust anyone.

[/size]It would be really nice to just get some closure and have my daughter back in the life of our family here in the United States. My daughter gets to live a life of lies, simply because of her mothers personal agenda of keeping me erased from her life. The odd thing is, I treated her like a queen, and through her accusations has projected upon me the things she experienced early in life (as she admitted to me about the abuse). It's unfortunate that our children have now become the true victims of her criminal acts, by keeping Emily at bay from knowing her entire family, loving father & brothers, and guidance of her older sister.

[/size]What is child abuse? It comes in many forms... My daughter Emily Alina Koyama is silently being abused every day she isn't afforded the opportunity to know her whole family, and the love & support of her father.
[/size]If you are reading this and live in Costa Rica, please do me a favor and tell my daughter I love her... give her my picture, let her see what her brothers look like, and tell her I am still fighting to see her.

Thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense...

Roy KoyamaLBP of Emily Alina Koyama[/size][/size]http://lbpblueprints.blogspot.com/2015/05/help-me-understand.html[/color]
Main Foundation Forum / My book about my experience with my son free on Amazon
« Last post by NoansDad on May 28, 2015, 06:25:36 AM »
 Dear Fellow LBP,I am giving you all a chance to download my book for free from Amazon for the next 5 days.
The book is a humorous memoir of the laughs, confusion and observations during transplantation from my life in Australia to the USA to start my first job twenty years ago. This is juxtaposed against the sadness I had in the present day living with the abduction of Noan to Brazil five years ago.Only a bloody Aussie would be crazy enough to write a funny book about such a sad topic but when everything in your life is taken from you, you had better get busy laughing or there will be nothing left of you if the moment comes to see your child again.As you know miraculously for me that moment happened.The book is available only by download athttp://www.amazon.com/Torn-Undeserving-Wallaby-Drowning-Septic-ebook/dp/B00VC2Z6U4SincerelySimon Williams
The status of my case is that the OCI gave me conflicting information on how the Hague process works in Brazil, they didn't care one way or another. The Judge in Brazil delayed ordering a hearing for over a year and then deliberately mislead the Brazilian BCA and AGU and the OCI about the date the hearing was to be held. No one on my legal team was therefore present at the hearing. The OCI said they did not know why no one showed up and didn't bother to ask. They absolutely didn't care how the hearing was conducted. Then the Brazilians then said they would not appeal the decision of the first level judge, the first time that has ever happened, and so my whole case was closed and shelved probably over 2 years ago.

So I went about this without the help of the OCI and anyone else.  Marty Pate gave me more advice and help than anyone at OCI that resolved my problems. Thankfully I got to a point where I deal solely with my ex and any and all agreements about seeing Noan I make with her. She is allowing me to see my son as often as I can afford to travel to Brazil and I also speak to him very regularly on the phone and can Whatsapp him every day and send him pics and messages that even if he isn't able to respond yet I know that he sees.

Beautiful pictures!  What is the status of your case?  How often do you get to see your boy? 
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Main Foundation Forum / Re: Finally a Christmas that I enjoyed
« Last post by PINKIDEAS on May 14, 2015, 02:39:48 PM »
I want to post my xmas photo here, how can i upload it? I hate posting those long links, they look like giberish ughh nd they look ugly :-\ I want the pic to just like show up on the page
Main Foundation Forum / Re: Finally a Christmas that I enjoyed
« Last post by PINKIDEAS on May 14, 2015, 02:38:48 PM »
omg i remember my fam xmas, it use to be so big. I remember like this site  http://www.astrologyjunction.com/ use to have like xmas scopes wat to do with ur fam nd stuff doesn't anymore cauz that was like 2 yrs ago but watever. Anyway u gave me a glimpse of my memory and thank u for that
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