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Title: Bordaty children abduction case
Post by: on March 22, 2009, 01:44:00 PM
Yehezkel Hanan Bordaty, Israel Haim Bordaty, and Yoshua Itai Bordaty were abducted on March 20, 2007, by Smadar Hameiry.
Smadar Hameiry lost legal custody of the children during the Florida divorce trial, where she participated through her Florida divorce attorney.
More details about this case can be found at (
By abducting the children to Brazil, Smadar Hameiry broke the laws of the State of Florida, the USA, and Brazil. Several people in Florida and Brazil are assisting Smadar Hameiry with this abduction.
At this point in time, it will be very beneficial for this case to get media attention. Please contact any TV and newspaper investigative reporters that you know and please send them details of this case.
All suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you!
Title: Support the Parental Abduction Recovery, Enforcement, and Network Training Act (The PARENT Act)
Post by: on March 22, 2009, 02:59:58 PM
Please Sign and Support the Parental Abduction Recovery, Enforcement, and Network Training Act (The PARENT Act):
Over 10,000 American children are parentally abducted and taken to foreign countries each year because of bitter custody disputes between multi-national or multi-cultural couples. Sadly, many of the children are taken to countries that disregard U.S. custody orders such as Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and China. The consequence is the American parent never seeing the child again. A greater consequence is the dysfunctional federal system that continuously fails to take action to bring our children home.

In the past, U.S. Senate and House committees have heard testimonies from American parents of abducted children about the unprofessional, inadequate, and lethargic effort by the designated U.S. State Department agency responsible for handling international child abduction cases, the Office of Children's Issues. Reports by the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Government Accountability Office concur with these testimonies that changes are needed due to this dysfunctional office. According to a senior official from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there is no one who can help bring our abducted kids home within the U.S. Justice Department's division designated to act on this crime, the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS).

The answer is the Parental Abduction Recovery, Enforcement, and Network Training Act, or the PARENT Act. This proposed legislation would transfer responsibilities and funding regarding international child abduction prevention from the Office of Children's Issues to a new division in the U.S. Justice Department. This future division would focus only on interstate and international child abduction cases.

To ensure the U.S. Justice Department would investigate the abduction, recover the child, and, if possible, prosecute the abducting parent, the bill calls for mandatory policies of action rather than giving federal authorities discretionary powers to act on an abduction case. All too often, U.S. Attorney offices turn their backs on international child abduction although it is recognized as child abuse as well as a felony under 18 USC §1204 (International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act). The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, currently assigned to handle incoming parental abduction cases, would be assigned to handle the case work and quickly submit it to the Justice Department.

The PARENT Act also calls for a better distribution of international parental abduction prevention courses to legal, judicial, and law enforcement officials through the use of professional organizations connected to missing/exploited children prevention awareness across the country. The PARENT Act also eliminates the statute of limitations on international parental abduction and calls for greater jail sentences for abducting parents.

It’s time to stop the Office of Children’s Issues from mishandling its international parental abduction prevention duties. Thousands of parents with abducted children in other countries have been ignored, neglected, and mistreated by this office. We need an agency that doesn’t cater to foreign officials and makes empty promises, but takes aim at protecting our children and enforces our parental rights. The PARENT Act calls for Congress to make this a reality.

For a review of the PARENT Act, please go to:
Title: International Parental Kidnapping Act of 1980 (IPKA)
Post by: on March 22, 2009, 03:45:40 PM
Parental abduction is a crime under federal law and also under state law in all 50 states. The Hague Convention gives Brazil 6 weeks to return the children. While each case must be evaluated individually, it is advisable that if Brazil refuses to return the abducted children in a civil process as outlined by the Hague convention, then criminal charges should be filed against the abductor.
U.S. Code Title 18 Section 1204 states:
Whoever removes a child from the United States, or attempts to do so, or retains a child (who has been in the United States) outside the United States with intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both.
Has anybody tried this option? If not, why? And if you have, did you get any results?
Title: Re: Bordaty children abduction case
Post by: Teena on March 22, 2009, 06:14:26 PM
Thank you for joining!!!
Please visit this link, an effort to contact the senators of all the left behind parents. There is a resolution in the Senate (asking Brazil to send David's son home) that if passed may benefit you as well since we are pputting pressure on Brazil to comply with the hague. Add your Senators info so we may call your too. We never forget to mention all of the other cases when making these calls.
Title: Re: Bordaty children abduction case
Post by: SageDad on March 23, 2009, 12:46:21 AM
Welcome to the BSH forums.  You are in good company here.  I'm looking forward to going to the sites you linked and reading the details of your children's case.

The PARENT act that you linked to looks very promising, based on what you've posted about it.  As another LBP, there's is no need to explain to me why it is needed.  I'll read and sign it tommorow.  You can find various posts that I have made here and elsewhere about mishandling by the OCI and the need to treat international parental abduction as a criminal matter.  In the meantime I recommend you post a link to it and some details about it in the Main Forum of BSH since it's not specific to any abducted child and will likely get many more hits and signatures there.
Title: Re: Bordaty children abduction case
Post by: on April 07, 2009, 09:41:56 PM
Smadar Hameiry was born in Israel. When she was 3 years old, her father moved to Brazil because Brazil does not extradite criminals. Soon afterwards, and despite the opposition of her entire family, Smadar's mother took Smadar and her 2 older brothers to Brazil.
This move to Brazil had severe negative psychological consecuences for Smadar. She was in Brazil with both of her parents, but she was separated from her grandparents, uncles, and cousins in Israel. She is now doing to her own children what her parents did to her.
Smadar and me met in Israel. We got married in Israel on April 2, 2000. Our 3 children were born in Israel. They all have Israeli passports. Holders of Israeli passports do not need a visa to enter Brazil. She took the children to Brazil using their Israeli passports. On July 28, 2006, we moved to Florida. Eight months later, on March 20, 2007, she abducted the children to Brazil.
During the time we were in Florida, the children were studying in a private Jewish (Chabad) school, the children had already been registered for next year at a different private Jewish (non-Chabad) school in Boca Raton. Smadar was working full-time as a teacher in the Chabad school, and she hated her job there. She had already been offered a $10,000/month in a company starting in July 2007 (according to her). I set up an office and I was working full-time.  
Smadar has a Brazilian passport but she hates Brazil. During the time that we were married she always said that she hated Brazil. She hated living in Brazil, and she hated growing up in Brazil. Her 2 brothers also hate Brazil. They both tried to move to Israel, and then to the USA but failed. Smadar's parents also hate Brazil. They both say they would love to go back to Israel. They speak Hebrew amongst themselves, not Portugues. They do not even cheer for the Brazilian foot-ball (soccer) team during the world cup. They don't even like soccer! I am more Brazilian than they are, Brazil is always my favorite team at the world cup!
Smadar's father once told me that the only thing he likes about Brazil is the corruption and that everything can be done with money.
Smadar is a 9th generation Israeli. My children are a 10th generation Israeli. Smadar's family in Israel is HUGE. Smadar's parents and brothers were all born in Israel. When they moved to Brazil they obtained Brazilian citizenship and passports. Apparently, her father paid a bribe to get the Brazilian citizenship. The only reason Smadar's parents do not return to Israel today, is because everybody they know in Israel knows that they are a family of thieves (and this was before they stole my children).
Smadar's father has been in Israeli jail for stealing. Smadar's brother has been in Israeli jail for violent behaviour. Smadar's brother was once placed in a mental institution in the USA also for violent behaviour. Smadar's mother also has severe mental problems. This is not the family you want to get married to. But Smadar is an amazing liar. She fooled me into marrying her before I met her family, and she always tried to prevent me from getting to know her family until we had children, and then, it was too late for me. Smadar stole all my money and then stole my children. Smadar is extremely smart, but regretfully she uses her intelligence to hurt her own children.
Before leaving the USA, Smadar did something "smart". She knew she was going to do something highly illegal. So before she left, she apparently told some story in the Chabad school where she was working, and they assisted her in stealing the children. They sent her with 2 (Chabad) attorneys who assisted her in stealing the children to Brazil. Then in Brazil, she is also being assisted by Chabad, and ONLY by Chabad.
The question is this: Is Chabad really assisting her? Do you really help someone by advising her and assisting her to commit a crime? Why didn't she just file for divorce in Florida? Is Smadar just using Chabad to get away with this child abduction? Why is Chabad helping Smadar in commiting this crime against my children? What is Chabad getting in return? To make things worse, since my children were abducted I discovered, to my big surprise, that Chabad has been involved in other parental abduction cases. They even have developed a professional system for doing this. To learn more see (
The main question in this case is: Why didn't Smadar Hameiry filed for divorce in Florida instead of abducting the children to Brazil? This question is actually the big difference between making this a crime or not. A normal woman files for divorce. A crazy woman kidnaps her children to Brazil. She consulted a divorce attorney before leaving the country. Did the divorce attorney advice her to kidnap the children, to commit a felony, instead of filing for divorce in Florida? This is very strange. And this is the reason I was given sole parental responsibility, full custody, over my children in the final divorce judgement.
Could you please tell the people in Orkut to call Smadar and to ask her these 2 simple questions:
1.- Why didn't you file for divorce in Florida? Did your Florida divorce attorney, Howard Poznanski, adviced you to kidnap your children to Brazil instead of filing for divorce in Israel?
2.- Why aren't you allowing your children to communicate with their father over the phone or over the internet using Skype or IM?
Her (parents) phone number is: (55-11) 3666-0394. This is the number people have been using to contact her.
Please tell people to call her, speak to her, get her side of the story, and post her answers here.
Thank you!
For more info about this case please visit (
Title: Re: Bordaty children abduction case
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Title: Re: Bordaty children abduction case
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