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Author Topic: Children Abducted from Ireland to Brazil  (Read 1341 times)

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Children Abducted from Ireland to Brazil
« on: October 25, 2019, 05:05:45 AM »
Hello Everyone, I am reaching out for support/ advice / guidance for my Brother! His two children (2 little girls age 1 and almost 3) were taken by their mother to Brazil illegally. My brother has full sole custody and their passports were in the court - she was warned not to travel - but she managed to get a Ferry to the Uk (said she was visiting a friend locally when in fact she was gone!), then she travelled to mainland Europe and to Portugal and got passports using forged documents - even though the Embassys were notified! It is so hard to understand how she got passports - she even changed their surname. The girls were being looked for by Interpol (that was an eye opener - they aren't being looked for so much as being looked out for..) but the Hague was initially activated in the Uk but then as she moved around Europe it became very complicated as you can only have Hague in one country at a time! She managed to get from Portugal to Brazil even though the police knew about the custody - knew my brother was on his way from Ireland to Portugal - she was removed twice from flights but then they let her go to Salvador (she is from Rio) with two very small children - they let her go!!!! Even though they had emails, phone calls, fax (? our solicitor also used that method just to be sure!). It is crazy! Their habitual home is Ireland. She is claiming benefits here but its all fraud as she wouldn't be entitled to them as she doesn't have custody. There is so much.. She tried all kinds of allegations against him but of course it was all made up and proven so. Her solicitor her told her that she had lost, no one believed her ridiculous stories and that my brother was being awarded custody and she ran but we found out that she had it all planned well before that. She has manipulated my brother, everyone here for the last 3 years. She made all kinds of claims about her mother being ill so she would spend long periods (4-5months) in Brazil and claimed she had to be there because of money coming to her mother after her father died and that she needed to be there to sign documents.. all made up!! She wanted my brother to sell his home and that when 'her money' came in they would buy something together and maybe a restaurant! So made up! He was just sending her money after money whilst she was there looking after her 'sick' mother (obviously she wasn't sick + we are unsure if it is her mother). So obvious and we really started to see that around Feb this year! She is an absolute criminal trying to strip my brother of his assets and his life! So cruel! We are devastated. My brother also has a 10 year old daughter from a previous relationship which is extremely good with her and the mother (her family is so supportive) and the 10 year old is a left behind sister!! We are waiting on the Brazilian CA to activate Hague for weeks now - it was activated in the UK right away - no messing about! There should be no delay - everything was translated quickly - the communication to my brother is so poor - he is in a terrible state but is working so hard to get his little girls back! Please, if you have any advice on how to work with Brazilian Authorities on this we would be so grateful!! There is NO experience in Ireland really to help with this. The CA here are sympathetic but really all they can do is ask CA Brazil for an update via email... How in a case of Child Abduction and criminal activity can it be so slow! Any advice - please! Thank you.

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Re: Children Abducted from Ireland to Brazil
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2019, 07:46:42 PM »
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